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¿Por qué trabajar con nosotros?


Nuestro coaching es diferente del asesoramiento financiero tradicional. ¿Como es diferente?

A financial coach is a professional who transforms your investing experience.  Your coach goes beyond typical financial planning and advice to help you identify your investment philosophy, helps you understand and implement your investment strategy based on your specific risk tolerance, and helps you manage your behavior throughout your investing experience.

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We Transform Your Investing Experience


Atlantis Investment Coaching is a financial coaching firm that focuses on coaching its clients instead of selling investment products. As a result, clients learn how to effectively invest and manage their money prudently instead of following the industry lies that foster gambling and speculating, without the need to stock-pick, mutual fund-pick, market time, or invest based on a money manager’s, fund’s, stock’s or bond’s particular track record.



Let’s Work Together

Retirement Coaching

If you are considering retirement within the next year, or are leaving your current employer, and you have retirement benefits such as a 401k or a pension plan, we can help you design a prudent and tax-efficient strategy to enjoy the fruits of what you worked so hard to accumulate during your working years.

Financial Coaching

Once you become an ongoing coaching client. we provide regular coaching sessions that will help you get your own answers to the 20-Must Answer Questions that everyone needs to answer in order to have peace of mind.


Learn How to Invest Prudently

We will help you establish prudent investment strategies based on 50 years of  academic research, based on your specific risk tolerance and financial needs.


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