How We Work

Everyone is different.  While our process follows the following guidelines, it may vary depending on your situation.

  • First Coaching Homework (to be completed before the initial meeting)
    • Read Investor Awareness Guide
    • Read introduction to “Main Street Money”
  • Initial Coaching Meeting (about 1 hour)
    • Investor Inventory/Critical Factors Discovery– where we coach you on the most important issues that you need to consider related to your finances, and where we fully understand your complete financial picture
    • At the conclusion, we explain what we can do for you (engagement proposal) and how much we will charge for our services.
    • If you accept our proposal, we move on to the next step.
  • Second Coaching Homework (to be completed before the next meeting)
    • Read chapters 1-2 of “Main Street Money”
    • Watch the DVD: “How the Smart Money Invests”
  • Subsequent Coaching Meetings (number of required meetings and time required for each depends on the client’s particular situation)

At the end of this process, if you decide to continue the relationship, we enroll you in the Investor Coaching Series (ICS). This program consists of a continuous education process via group sessions every 3-4 months.  The sessions are held in a restaurant or at our facilities.  In each session, we present a topic related to helping you answer yes to one or more of the 20 must-answer questions for your journey toward peace of mind.